Adding friends in Steam

21 Jan 16, 00:02 Steam Wallet
Adding friends in Steam

You can add friends in Steam. Steam has systems to make it convenience between friends such as chat system, gifts sending system, and game invitation system.

Note: New Steam ID cannot add friends right away. It is necessary to top up Steam Wallet at least $5 or 200 Baht to unlock Limited User Accounts in order to add friend.

How to add friends in Steam


Adding friends in Steam


Adding friends in Steam

3. Enter the name of your friend whom you want to add in box number 1 and click ADD AS FRIEND. Then, it is done.

Note: A searchable name is a Steam ID that has already been unlocked as Limited User Accounts. If the Steam ID of your friend has not been unlocked, please see the suggestion at the bottom of this article.

Adding friends in Steam

In case the name of your friend has several matches, please click at each name and check the profile before you click Add Friend.

Adding friends in Steam

Suggestion in case a Steam ID of your friend has not been unlocked as Limited User Accounts

You can still add friend to your friend but you cannot find that friend’s name through Steam. It is necessary for your friend to send the URL to you. Then, you can add friend through the website. The procedure to get the URL is as follows;

1. Tell your friend to go to profile page by clicking his/her name on the top.

Adding friends in Steam

2. Right click on blank space and choose Copy Page URL.

3. Ask your friend to send that URL to you. Then, you can add your friend immediately through web browser.

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