What is Nintendo eShop Cards ?

8 Nov 14, 01:46 Nintendo
What is Nintendo eShop Cards ?

Nintendo eShop Card is a prepaid card for using in Nintendo eShop after you had redeemed you can buy games anytime in Nintendo eShop. If you want to use Nintendo eShop Card, please read the instructions carefully

.Nintendo eShop is an online game store powered by Nintendo. This store can be used on Nintendo 3DS and Wii U. You can use a credit card or prepaid card to refill your money in Nintendo account

What is Nintendo eShop and Nintendo eShop Cards ?


1. Your console, account, and prepaid card have to be in the same region (prepaid card in our store is an US region so your console and your account have to be US region too). These following steps is how to check your region

How to check your console region

  • Go to System Setting
  • Go to Other Settings
  • Go to Profilr
  • Go to Region Setting
  • If you want to change to US you can change it here (your money have to be 0 to change your region)

How to check your account region

  • Open Nintendo eShop
  • Go to Menu
  • Go to Setting / Other
  • Go to Location Setting
  • Choose Change Address
  • If you want to change to US you can change it here (You can find US address here in search box enter 99515 for the tax free state)

2. Prepaid card can be used on Nintendo 3DS and Wii U

3. Your device have to connect to Nintendo eShop

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