[iTunes] Apps and games price drop (8 Jan)

8 Jan 15, 15:59 Mobile Game News
[iTunes] Apps and games price drop (8 Jan)

We have some great apps for you today that have gone free for a short duration on the App Store, including Line Runner 2, Next, Stickman Ski Racer and more.

Free Games:

  • Line Runner 2: Run through various tracks from easy to bone breaking, use different kind of boosts like a Shield, Head start, etc. and beat your friends scores within the integrated leader board. $1.99 → Free
  • Next – Numbers: An app that lets you train your areas of your brain with the help of number games. $1.99 → Free
  • Stickman Ski Racer: Perform insane jumps and stunts while skiing down the hills trying to avoid deadly avalanches, rusty weak bridges or profound abysses $.99 → Free
  • Icycle: On Thin Ice: Play as the cold naked hero Dennis, and pedal, jump and glide through each beautiful but deadly post-apocalyptic frozen wonderland. $2.99 → Free


  • NightCap: A long exposure camera for iPhone, boosting light by up to 15x for brighter, clearer photos in low light. $.99 → Free


  • Small World 2: Take control of fantasy race & special power combos, such as Berserk Halflings, Triton Merchants, Alchemist Ratmen and Dragon-master Amazons, to grab all the land you can in a world that is just too small to share with your opponents $9.99 → $6.99
  • Spirits of Spring: Chiwatin, a young Native boy stranded in the northern landscapes of Permanent Winter, is haunted by giant crows. To overcome their cruelty, Chiwatin goes on an inspiring quest to restore Springtime and find the courage to move on. $1.99 → $.99
  • Game Dev Story: Manage your own game company and try to create a million-selling game in this unique simulationี้ $4.99 → $.99
  • Hot Springs Story: Build your own resort and propel it to success with but a touch of the finger. $4.99 → $.99
  • Venture Towns: Assume the reins of a mega-conglomerate to build your very own metropolitan utopia. $4.99 → $.99

    If you like any of these apps, make sure you download them right away, since we don’t know when their prices could go up.

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