Steam Community Market guide

11 Dec 15, 15:47 Steam Wallet
Steam Community Market guide

Steam Community Market is where steam user can buy and sell their items with resonable price. The currency in market is Steam Wallet, you can buy any items on steam using it, and you will recieve Steam Wallet if you sell your items on steam.

This article will guide you how to use market and give you some suggestion.

For beginners user

  1. You have to know what Steam Wallet is and how can you buy your game's items
    • What is Steam Wallet?
    • How to buy Dota2 item - There are 3 ways which are in-game purchase, Dota 2 Store, and Steam Community Market
    • How to buy CS:GO item - There are 2 ways which are in-game purchase, and Steam Community Market
    • How to buy TF2 item - There are 3 ways which are in-game purchase, TF2 Wiki, and Steam Community Market
  2. which way should I buy item?
    • Items in in-game purchase usually more expensive than items in Steam Community Market except very rare item, and new released items
    • New released items usually can't be found on Steam Community Market and some of them only available on limited period(Specialy created for the festival)
    • For Dota2, item pack always more expensive than buying each item in the pack
  3. New user can't use Steam Community Market after the registeration because there are some rule and regulation on Steam

For user that can use market

  • Be careful when you change your computer or reinstall your windows because you can't do any transaction on that computer for 7 days. and if you just change your password or your registered e-mail on steam, you can't use market for 5 days. So plan before do anything that was mentioned above everytime.
  • Every items that you bought from market can't be trade for 7 days.
  • You have to wait for 7 days if you want to sell Dota2 items that you bought from market
  • Item price can moves up or down due to demand-supply of that item. But item price usually goes down when they have Steam sale festival or game's event because most users sold their stuff to buy new items or games.
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For user that refilled money more than 30 days but still can't use market

  • The most cause of this problem that we had found is it doesn't 30 days after user refilled money yet because Valve count 24 hours as 1 day so if you refilled your money at 5 P.M., market will available for you at the next 30 days at 5 P.M.
  • The next cause is your computer has virus or Cleaner program that delete Steam cache file from the system. It will make Steam confuse about when you logged in on this computer for the first time and make you unautorized to use Steam market
  • If you're sure that causes above are not your, please contact Steam support and they will fix your problem.
    How to contact Steam support

For user who used to use market but some problem occured and you can't use it now

  • There can be several causes that make you can't use market now, for example, changing your computer, reinstalling your Windows, logging in from several place, reopening Steam Guard, etc. We would like to recommended you to read the error message first which usually give you enought information and do as it suggested.
  • Basic trobleshooting for Steam Community Market
  • If you can't fix problems by your own, please contact Steam support and they will suggest what you should do next
    How to contact Steam support
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